About Aruba Instant On

HPE Aruba developed a range of Switches and Access Points for a high-performance secure networking solution that won’t break the bank. Simple to install and manage, so no need for dedicated IT resources to get you setup.

Setup your network in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Power up your Aruba Instant on Access Points and Switches

Step 2

Download the Instant On mobile app to your phone

Step 3

Follow the steps to configure networks. You’re ready to go!

Getting started with Aruba Instant On

Aruba Instant On app

Have the control you need to run your network. Add devices and manage your WiFi all on your mobile device. No licensing or subscription fees.

Guided Instant On device set-up
Use the installation wizard to add access points and switches and setup your network.

Always up-to-date. Always secure.
Updates your software automatically when and where you want.

App Classification Control and Visibility.
You can block certain application categories and get a simplified view of the top five apps used in the network.

Multi-network management.
You can create and manage separate guest and family / employee networks with ease.

Schedule Wi-Fi Access.
It is easy to manage Wi-Fi usage limits for your different user types based on time of day.

Access Aruba Instant On the Web

Same easy-to-use features as the app. Bigger screen. Manage your network from the browser of your choice.


Smart Mesh

When you aren’t able to run cables Smart Mesh has you covered

Mesh Wi-Fi allows you to connect and build out a network of APs, without the need for added cabling. A single “primary” AP acts as a gateway for traffic flowing in from satellite APs.

Why Aruba Smart Mesh?

  • Extended Wi-Fi coverage that alleviates dead zones
  • Does not require Ethernet ports or cabling
  • A single network can support up to 25 APs
  • Setup can be done in minutes
  • No special licensing required